Commonly Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a General Clean and Deep Clean?2023-02-21T21:43:26+00:00

Our General cleaning package is for homes that need a general hoover, mopping, dusting and surface wipedown/disinfected. General cleans help to maintain a clean and hygienic home and generally take a lot less time than a deep clean. 

The Deep cleaning package includes everything in the general clean plus a thorough scrub and detailed clean of areas that are prone to get dirty and greasy. We recommend this option for first time clients, if your home hasn’t been professionally cleaned before / in a long time (over 4 months ago) or if your home is quite dirty.

How do I decide how dirty my home is?2023-05-17T13:05:17+01:00

When answering how dirty your home is, the below will help you decide. Please be honest so we can carry out the clean correctly at the highest standard.

1. Slightly dirty – e.g. kitchen and bathroom surfaces are not sticky/greasy/grime build up (minimal to no scrubbing required) and can be cleaned easily with a general wipe down.

2. Quite dirty – e.g. kitchen surfaces and bathroom are slightly sticky/greasy or grime build up (some light scrubbing required/degreasing in certain areas combined with a general wipe down)

3. Very dirty – e.g kitchen surfaces and bathroom are very sticky/greasy and or grime/dusty in quite a lot of areas (requires thorough scrubbing, degreasing and removal of grime). A general wipe down will not clean these surfaces and will remain sticky and dirty)

What is a General & Deep Combined Clean?2023-06-05T18:01:21+01:00

This gives you the flexibility of choosing which rooms you want to have deep cleaned and which ones you want to have general cleaned. An example would be to have your whole house general cleaned but your bathroom and kitchen deep cleaned as these areas usually get the most dirtiest.

What cleaning package do you recommend for first time clients?2023-02-21T15:32:25+00:00

For first time clients or clients who have not had their home professionally cleaned, we recommend a deep clean as this will allow for extra time to clean areas that may have been missed or not touched in a long time.

Do I need to provide the cleaning products and equipment?2023-02-22T14:01:34+00:00

No, you don’t need to provide any equipment or products. We will bring all the products and cleaning equipment. If you do have any allergies or sensitivities, please do let us know so we can accommodate accordingly.

How do I get a price quote for my home?2023-09-13T12:06:44+01:00

Each home is different (size, location, cleanliness etc) and so are we! That’s why we do not price by the hour but provide a personalised quote for your home. Here’s how it works:

1. Get in touch with us via phone or Whatsapp
2. We’ll ask a few quick questions and arrange to visit your home (at no cost to you)
3. We will then give you a personalised quote. If you decide to take on our service we will book you in.

You can also contact us by clicking here.

Why are your prices higher than the traditional cleaning service?2024-04-21T17:12:45+01:00

Our prices are generally higher than your traditional cleaners/agencies for a number of reasons:

  1. We bring all the cleaning products and equipment – Majority of our cleaners are professional grade to ensure high performance during cleans. We use different cleaners for the appropriate surface to ensure no damage is caused. You don’t need to provide anything except electricity and running water.
  2. You get what you pay for – High quality cleans. We’re really transparent in that we are not your quick and cheap clean. If you want your home to be cleaned properly to a high standard, we’ll be a good match.
  3. Two cleaners assigned – This ensures we can deliver to a high standard and things are cleaned thoroughly and not missed out.
  4. Washing, Disinfecting & Drying (before & after prep) – We have to factor in the cost of ensuring our cleaning cloths are disinfected after every clean, washed and dried correctly. We use lots of cloths during a single clean and never share between clients homes unless and until they have been disinfected and washed thoroughly. We also do not mix cloths between homes that have pets and those that do not. We also adhere to the Islamic principles of purity so we carefully pack and colour coordinate cloths before and after every clean to ensure bathroom/washroom areas and other living space cloths never end up together. This is time consuming and costly so we have to take this into account with our pricing.
What are your prices?2024-04-13T16:48:11+01:00

As each home is different in terms of size, cleanliness, location and client requirements, we give a personalised price quote once we have visited your home. This means we do not price per hour but provide a personalised quote.

Note: Our minimum call out charge for cleaning jobs is £45. We do not take on any cleaning jobs below this amount.

To get a personalised quote based on your home, please get in contact with us via Whatsapp, text, phone or via our contact us form.

What is a General Clean?2024-04-18T16:43:18+01:00

Perfect for homes that need a general hoover/mopping, dusting and wiping down of surfaces. Helps to maintain a clean, happy & and hygienic home.

What’s included:

  • All floors vacuumed & mopped
  • All rooms dusted (Around the ceiling perimeter and skirting boards)
  • Exterior surface wipe down (e.g. windowsills, table/desk/counter tops, cupboards, wardrobes etc)
  • Quick tidy up of all rooms
  • Beds made & bins emptied
  • Window sill wipe down
  • Complete toilet clean & scrub including istinja bidet
  • Shower/bath tub scrub & clean

What’s NOT included:

  • Scrubbing of surface areas (except for toilet and bathtub/shower)
  • High detailed cleaning
  • Windows, light fixtures, blinds, doors and door frames, inside of cupboards/wardrobes (Available for an additional fee)
  • Washing dishes
  • Mould removal, pest control & biohazard waste
  • Inside of appliances or moving furniture
What is a Deep Clean?2023-07-03T17:20:29+01:00

A Deep clean is a detailed clean which includes everything listed in a general clean with the addition of light organisation of all rooms, skirting boards, back splash, doorhandles & light switches. Deep cleans takes longer than a general clean as we are able to carry out a detailed clean. Deep cleans are recommended for first time clients, clients who have not had their home professionally cleaned (in the last 4 months) or if your surfaces need scrubbing rather than a basic wipe down.

What’s included:

  • Everything included in a General clean PLUS
  • Additional 1-2 hour (as a minimum) to allow for a detail clean
  • All floors vacuumed & mopped
  • Detailed dusting of all rooms
  • Light organisation & tidy up of rooms
  • Detailed wipe down and sanitisation of exterior surfaces
  • Light switches, door handles and window sill wipe down/polish
  • Skirting boards & back splash wipe down & dusted
  • Detailed toilet clean including istinja bidet
  • Detailed clean & scrub of shower/bath tub
  • Bins emptied & beds made

What’s NOT included:

  • Inside of cupboards or inside of appliances
  • Light fixtures & blinds
  • Moving furniture and large appliances
  • Washing dishes (unless specified for an additional charge)
  • Deep mould removal, pest control or biohazard waste removal
How often should I get my home professionally cleaned?2023-02-21T15:31:30+00:00

This depends on how much your home is used and what you prefer. As a minimum, we would advise once a month. A really good median is a bi-weekly or weekly clean as this will allow for your home to be maintained at an awesome point where it remains clean and hygienic.

We would recommend that you get your home deep cleaned at least once every 4 months (more often depending on how messy things are).

How long does a clean take?2023-02-21T15:02:05+00:00

As each home is different, the time it takes depends on your chosen cleaning package, size of your home and how dirty it is.

To give you some idea, a small 2 bedroom home for a general clean will take on average 1hour -1hour 15mins with 2 cleaners present.

Can I reschedule?2023-08-08T14:56:01+01:00

We require a minimum of 96 hours notice (4 days) before your cleaning service is due to take place in writing (via email or text). Furthermore, we can only reschedule your appointment if we have a cleaning slot available. Failure to meet these criterias will result in a full charge to the customer of the upfront payment.

Cancellations & refunds2023-08-08T15:02:49+01:00

We only take upfront payments for new clients (See when do I make a payments FAQ below).

  • A 50% cancellation fee (of the upfront payment) will be incurred by the customer if they wish to cancel the cleaning service. This is to cover the cost of transaction fees and administrative costs incurred by Safaii in the event of a cancellation. A minimum of 96 hours notice (4 days) is required in writing (via email or text) prior to the start of the Cleaning Services should the customer need to cancel. Failure to meet this criteria will result in a full charge to the Customer of the upfront payment.
  • For existing Customers who cancel the Cleaning Service without rescheduling a future booking, we will charge an upfront payment for the following Cleaning Service with the charges outlined in section ‘When do I make a payment’ FAQ below.

Refunds will only be issued under the following circumstances:

  1. If the Customer cancels the Cleaning Service in writing via Email or Text giving a minimum of 96 hours (or more) notice i.e. 4 days to Safaii prior to the start of the cleaning service. In this instance, a cancellation fee of 50% of the upfront payment will be incurred and the remaining amount refunded (if applicable).
  2. If our cleaners are unable to provide the Cleaning service beyond the customers responsibility.
Do I need to be at home for the clean?2023-07-05T18:58:42+01:00

We do require you or a representative to be present during the clean so that the work can be inspected upon completion and the cleaners can be notified immediately of any outstanding issues whilst they are at your property.

Will I be assigned the same cleaner?2023-02-21T15:36:09+00:00

Yes. We are currently a 2 person team so we are able to facilitate for this most of the time.

What are your working hours?2024-04-13T16:44:23+01:00

Our cleaning hours are Monday – Wednesday 10am – 7pm.

You can contact us Monday to Wednesday 10am – 5pm.

When Do I make a payment?2023-08-08T15:04:06+01:00

For NEW clients, we will require an upfront payment at the time of booking your first cleaning session. Payment is taken over the phone via our secured square virtual terminal. Following bookings will not require an upfront payment and payment will be taken on the day of your cleaning appointment.

  1. General clean, an upfront payment is required of £20
  2. Combined clean, £30 upfront payment
  3. Deep clean, £50 upfront payment
  4. Move in/out, £70 upfront payment

The remaining amount will be taken when we arrive at the property to carry out the clean.

For existing clients, no upfront payment is required and we will charge the full amount of your cleaning session on the day of your scheduled clean.

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